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NOW a proud Hydrofarm brand!

Hydrofarm a leading distributor and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and supplies for controlled environment agriculture, announced that it has closed on the acquisition of Canadian nutrient company, Greenstar Plant Products, Inc. (“Greenstar”), manufacturer of the Grotek and Gaia Green brands. These brands join Hydrofarm’s lineup of high performance, proprietary branded products in the lighting, climate control, nutrients and growing media categories.

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Finding Grotek is the first step to amazing results...

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Formulating premium nutrients and supplements for serious growers since 1998.

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Learning to grow plants is a journey that builds on learning, experience, and experimenting. The team at Grotek is committed to giving you the dynamic resources you need to succeed.

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Our Products are diverse. From base nutrients to additives. Mineral to organic. We have your growing style and needs covered.

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