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Why do you guys have so many products?

With growers across the globe growing different plants in different ways in different environments with different requirements, it’s important to have a diverse range to support all of that success! We recommend you research your needs and then find the right products to support your crop. We can help with suggestions if you are unsure. Our team is here to give you confidence and results with our range of options for your garden.

Can I mix Grotek products with other brands of fertilizer?

We encourage all gardeners to experiment with their own recipes for success. But caution is always a part of making a new recipe. It’s important to consider all products and do some testing to check for compatibility. A good start is to understand the purpose and hopefully ingredients of all products. Try to avoid overlapping function because this can be too much of a good thing.

Can your products “burn” my plants?

All fertilizers have the potential to harm plants when over applied. It’s important to follow directions for use as a good guideline. And remember, more is not always better. Make sure you observe your plants visually as much as possible. Corrections can be made quickly if you are monitoring your crop properly.

Does Grotek carry organic products?

Grotek products almost all have some organic ingredients. If you are looking for organic options, the Green line is a good place to search. You can filter Green Line products in our product page search function. You can also click here to get a description of the Green line products.

Can I mix Mineral nutrients with Organic ones?

Grotek was founded on the premise that organics make virtually all gardens better. We encourage our growers to try and mix in an organic product in their recipe or reach out to us for advice on something that could enhance your yields.

Do plants need different products at different stages?

Plant stages are very important as they build the structure that every yield depends on. Our product range has solutions for all plant stages. For more detailed information on plant stages and research to help you learn how to maximize your plant’s potential, click here.

Does Grotek have products that are good for flowers?

Grotek products are meant to help your plants from start to finish. Check our products page and filter by flowering additive to find products designed to boost your yield.

Do I need to use all of your products to be successful?

NO! In fact we don’t recommend you try and use all of our products together. Our range has a lot of choice. Our products are targeted to plant stages, different requirements and different gardening styles. If you need some help check in with our team for support!

How should I store my products?

Keep products sealed in the original container in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. This will help extend shelf life and reduce changes to the product over time.

I found some old product is it still good to use?

Our products are stable over long periods of time to make sure growers get the best results for as long as possible. Most of our best before dates are around 3 years with the exception of biology. Most products can be used after that date but there will be a drift in the effectiveness of the product the longer it moves beyond 3 years. Anything over 3 years old should be spot tested on a few plants before use on the entire crop to make sure the efficacy is still there.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How can I find a retailer?

Check out our store locator here.

Do you guys give out samples?

We do not sample directly to growers but work with our distribution and retail partners to provide opportunities at the store level. You can also stop by our booth when we visit a local tradeshow and keep an eye on our social media for exclusive contest opportunities.

Can I buy your products from the website?

We do not sell product on our website but many of our retail partners offer online purchasing. We recommend checking out our store locator and clicking through to a retailer near you.

Can my local store get all of your products?

Our product selection can vary slightly by country but for the most part yes! If your preferred retailer is having a problem getting our products please have them reach out to us and we will find a way to get them what they need and what you as a grower want!

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