5 Reasons to use Organics

Using organics is a natural choice.

The world around us was built on recycling nutrients and organic matter. It’s been working for literally hundreds of millions of years. The planet is an expert of nutrients, and it chooses organics.

They supercharge your soil.

Organics provide more than just nutrients for your plants. They help cultivate a community of microbiology that improves soil quality and releases vast amounts of compounds that benefit plants.

Soil quality improves. 

The flourishing biology in a quality organic system will act as an agent of change, boosting soil quality with benefits like improved aeration and water holding capacity, increased nutrient reservoir for plants to access, build up of organic matter and many more.

Organics can change the way plants grow.

Not only will plants have access to the most available nutrients from the soil, but they can also take advantage of microbes that release something called exudates. This release of beneficial plant substances (exudates) can change the way roots grow, improve plant structure and even impact the size and number of flowers.

All of evolution vs. 70 years.


Yes, we have created interesting chemical fertilizers that can truly benefit our crops, but this assumes that plants only need nutrition, that they are somehow apart from the system. Quality soils give benefits to the plant that modern technology is still trying to understand. Organic options can even help chemical farmers achieve even more impressive yields without having to be completely organic. Organics can help all gardens.

Grotek's Green Line:

Watch the video to learn more about what compost teas are and how you can incorporate them in to your routine.

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