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In this video the soil under our feet can be alive with biology, most of which helps plants grow to maximum yield. It is possible that in highly disturbed soils, such as you might find in farm fields or in your own subdivision, there is a lack of helpful microbes. For disturbed soils and container gardens, adding probiotic biology revitalizes soil, creating a more resilient growing environment with improved yield potential.

· Soil borne bacteria in this formula are mesophylic, meaning they are most comfortable around the same temperatures we are.

· More effective in oxygen rich environments but can live without oxygen as well, meaning they are facultative anaerobes.

· Can be stored for long periods of time and can survive unfavourable conditions (not enough to eat) in the soil to re-grow when times are better.

Most importantly, the specific species found in Biofuse have shown in field trials that they can improve yields by increasing available nutrients and giving plants more of what they want and need. This boost to yield comes from a complex set of benefits provided by the bacteria in this formula.

Biofuse is a blend of naturally occurring, non-GMO bacteria. These microbes can colonize the rhizosphere to provide tremendous value for crops and ornamental plants alike.


The biology in Biofuse has the ability to help growers get a better result from their crops. By working with nature, there is an opportunity to do what nutrients alone can never do. By building a living soil, everything else you do to help your plants is magnified, resulting in a better harvest.

At the recommended application rate (1.5g/L of media), a grower will be adding over 37 billion organisms to every liter of soil – that’s a lot of help. These helpers all need places to stay; immediately gravitating to the rhizosphere, where they can take advantage of the beneficial substances that are excreted from the plant roots. This builds what is called a biofilm.

A biofilm is kind of like a parking lot at Christmas time. If all the spots are full then there is nowhere to park. If beneficial microbes are in all the parking spots then bad microbes that the plant doesn’t like have a harder time finding a spot. This can help the plant manage environmental stress and transplant shock, keep them focused on high impact growth, and less worried about organisms that could inhibit their potential.


Enzymes are compounds that help break down large molecules into smaller, more useful substances. The decomposition of organic material is critical in true soils, but it can be equally important in a container as plants grow. This decomposition process ensures no dead plant material is building up around your crop’s roots while building organic matter critical in quality soils.

A unique way that Biofuse can help your soil relates to the way the microbes like to live. Bacillus subtilis is mobile and uses flagella (tail) to get around. When a big group gets together, they create rafts, and as they join up, they release substances that make it easier to swim. It is a surface tension reducing lipopeptide – better known as a wetting agent, which can be very helpful to growers when watering their crops.



Catalase will reduce oxidization by breaking hydrogen peroxide down into water and oxygen. These species also release enzymes that can inhibit the growth of other microbes near them to give them an advantage in the neighbourhood around the roots, known as the rhizosphere.


Chitonase and glucanase are examples of lytic enzymes that disrupt other types of bacteria and fungi. Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma are unaffected by the effects. These enzymes have also been shown to increase nutrient content in tested plant tissues.


Some enzymes can induce the production of lignin which builds plant structure and strengthens plant cells. Many of the phenolic compounds created cause plants to make defensive changes, improving their ability to repel any unwanted organisms. These effects are known as induced systemic resistance, which is when a beneficial body causes a plant to regulate its genes to modify its structure, and activate specific enzymes which improve the biosynthesis of naturally occurring hormones.

PRODUCTS FEATURED:Black Pearl, Synergy & Biofuse.

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