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In this video, Grotek brought biochar into our industry as a means to improve soil quality, plant growth and stimulate biology in the soil. Continued research is the reason we increased the level of Biochar in the newer formula (over 70% by volume). The evidence is clear - when used as part of a soil and nutrient management program Biochar can increase plant growth while improving overall soil quality.

The Biochar in Black Pearl is considered a class 1 product by the International Biochar Initiative and has an exceptional surface area at over 700m2/g.

Black Pearl is more than just high-quality Biochar. It is a highly mineralized Biochar charged with quality organic inputs like volcanic and sedimentary rock dust, natural chelates, and kelp extract.

The synergy between ingredients provides a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program.


Biochar is an engineered charcoal, not something that can be reproduced in a backyard bonfire. Biochar is produced in a low oxygen environment without the use of a flame after ignition. This generally uses two methods, either pyrolysis or gasification. Both use the gases found within the wood or feedstock to fuel the process, which hardens the fiber into a persistent carbon know as graphite. By removing all of the volatile compounds, the process essentially makes a hard-walled sponge. Not only can this material help your plants grow more successfully, but it also sequesters carbon in the soil.

Biochar is a great supplement in a compost pile at home or when mixed with worm castings. It can also be simply mixed with soils or spread on the surface to move through the soil profile over time.

Biology and biochar work together to enhance overall soil quality and health.

It turns out that biology really likes interacting with Biochar. Biochar improves soil aeration as well as nutrient and water holding capacity, while also sequestering heavy metals from the surrounding soil. These improvements in soil quality create a more favourable habitat, having a tremendous impact on soil biological activity and root health.

Biochar creates a more stable soil environment by increasing the pH buffering capacity of soils and growing media. This is a benefit to soils globally, but can also be especially helpful for peat based potting soils which tend to become increasingly acidic over time. By stabilizing soil pH in the optimal range, plants and beneficial biology can realize their optimum potential.

Biochar is made out of everything from straw, to hardwood, even manure, but researchers are still trying to figure out which ones are better than the others and there is a long way to go until we figure it out. That being said, however you apply Biochar, the persistent carbon can provide a range of beneficial impacts on the soil that you mix it with.

PRODUCTS FEATURED:Black Pearl, Synergy & Biofuse.

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