Biology Series - Synergy


In this video, Mycorrhizae shows that a beneficial group of fungi that grow in association with most plant roots. This is a symbiotic relationship that stretches back to when plants first came out of the water and on to land. The fungi live in or around plant roots to the benefit of both plant and fungi.

Mycorrhizae also release powerful enzymes that help dissolve nutrients such as phosphorous and numerous micronutrients. They support the plant in exchange for carbohydrates and exudates from plant roots. It’s one of the original win/win scenarios.

Mycorrhizae increase the root’s ability to absorb water from the soil by increasing the surface area of roots from 100 to 1,000 times as the mycelium (fungal “roots”) grow out from the plant roots themselves.


Not all mycorrhizae produce consistent results under conventional crop production. Fertilizers, notably phosphorus, suppress colonization and growth of Glomus mosseae and Glomus intraradices, which are found in most commercial mycorrhizae products. This contradiction is a problem for intensive agriculture.

In container trials, Synergy (G. iranicum) produced three times more mycelium compared to G. mosseae and two times more than G. intradices after 75 days of growth. Plants also had higher wet and dry weights for leaves and flowers.

Cultured from a saline (salty) environment, the fungi in Synergy adapt to fertilizer solutions and high electrical conductivity. Research has shown increased yield in crops inoculated with the strain of Glomus iranicum, found in Synergy.


A two-year study with Glomus iranicum on grapes revealed:

· Improved phosphorus and potassium nutrition.

· Higher yield.

· Enhanced drought tolerance.

· Improved fruit quality.

Other studies grown with Glomus iranicum showed:

· Enhanced salt tolerance.

· Higher photosynthetic activity.

· Increased yield.

PRODUCTS FEATURED:Black Pearl, Synergy & Biofuse.

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