Biology Series - Worm Castings


In this video the microbial diversity that a high quality Worm Casting can provide is dramatic. There will be bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and micro-invertebrates all living in a humus rich amendment that they help worms build.

Humus is the building block of soil life. It’s a carbon rich substance that enhances soil quality and helps plants absorb more nutrients. High quality castings are full of plant available nutrients released by enzymes that the worms produce and the finished product is an excellent pH buffer. Worm castings can even bind heavy metals away from hungry plant roots.

Grotek Premium Worm Castings are built on an engineered recipe used by professional soil blenders and growers. This non-compost system uses dedicated, certified organic feedstocks. The end product is consistent and predictable, ensuring that every batch gives the highest results. By using a peat-based medium, these castings have good structure unlike vermicompost which loses structure and turns to muck when too wet. The resulting biology is bound to the peat, giving growers a structured soil amendment with a high CEC (cation exchange capacity) amplified by the humus rich coating.


Much of our planet is built on top soil. The soil under our feet sustains the plants around us, and earth worms are what sustains that soil. The reason that worms are so fascinating is what goes in and what comes out is very different. The castings that come out are pure gardening gold.

Worm castings are great for outdoor soils, but they are almost critical in containers and indoors where plants are never exposed to most of these organisms.

PRODUCTS FEATURED:Black Pearl, Synergy Worm Castings & Biofuse.

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