First Aid Kit

Watch the video to learn more about our First Aid Kit: Simon from Grotek Nutrients is here to talk about a group of 4 products referred to as the First Aid Kit. All of these products are non-essential but can be helpful if you run into a problem with your grow or if there are environmental conditions you would like to help a plant through. Gro-Silic, which is now available in Canada, and Pro-Silicate are both really great at providing a rapidly available silica, where Cal-Max and Insta-Green are effective solutions if you’re looking to adjust either calcium, nitrogen, or iron levels in your plants. Whether indoor or outdoor, this video will give you some tips on how Grotek’s First Aid Kit can fix some common deficiencies and help your crops grow into the best they can be.

PRODUCTS FEATURED: Cal Max, Insta-Green, Pro-Silicate & Gro-Silic

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