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At Grotek our science-based approach and staff expertise have helped us isolate and source the best ingredients from around the world.

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  • What is the difference between Main line and Green line?
    Grotek has always seen the benefit in adding leading science in the form of organic inputs in to most of our formulas. Our mainline products can range from 0 to around 85% organic content depending on product and use. The Green line goes a step further to move to purely organic options that still work the same way as our mainline products so many of our clients enjoy already. Main line and Green line products can also be used together in recipes customized to meet your gardens needs
  • Do you guys sell in commercial sizes?
    Our products are sold up to 1000L volumes in individual packaging. We have a size to meet every client’s needs. Check our commercial page to get more details about becoming a commercial client and what options and support we have to meet your requirements.
  • How can I become listed as an Authorized Dealer?
    Here is a quick link to be an Authorized Dealer form with a placement on our website.
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